Laundry Info


Our cotton stretch shirts are a lovely face-lightening bright white and constructed to last, but it is important you follow our instructions to keep your shirt looking fresh!

At The Shirt Company we only use the finest fabric. The quality of cotton shirting fabric is determined by the yarn count; referring to the length of yarn needed to make 1lb in weight - the higher the yarn count, the finer the fabric.

A high yarn count results in a soft, silky feel to the fabric, while the number of threads used ensure that the shirt retains its shape after wear and laundry so aiding durability. For best results please follow these simple care instructions on the next pages.



  • For Cotton Stretch shirts only (shirts that contain elastane). Before washing undo all the buttons and ensure you only wash your white shirt with other white garments - no exception.  Most Shirt Company cotton shirts can be washed at a water temperature of 30 or 40 degrees (but please check the care label in your shirt to be sure - some shirts need a cooler wash.) Please try to use laundry detergents that are not tested on animals and are environmentally friendly.  DO NOT use bleach, DO NOT wash on a machine temperature over 40 degrees and DO NOT dryclean as this may cause your lovely white shirt to change colour and appear slightly yellow.  The elastane content in the fabric cannot tolerate harsh chemicals and high temperatures.
  • For Silk shirts - please refer to the care lable inside your shirts. Most can be either drycleaned or handwashed in luke warm water using a very mild detergent.
  • DO NOT TUMBLE DRY your shirt...this is very important, otherwise it will shrink and damage the construction of the fabric.
  • Iron your cotton stretch shirt while it is still damp - this makes the shirt much easier to iron. The majority of our shirts are 96% cotton and contain 4% Lycra so you do not need to have the iron on a piping hot setting, a medium setting should be sufficient.  Start with ironing the collars and cuffs, move onto front panels, back panel and finish with ironing the sleeves.  Try and use a sleeve board when ironing sleeves to avoid a crease down the outside of the sleeve.  For collars and cuffs start by ironing the reverse of the collar and iron from the corners of the collar to the centre of the collar, the same applies to the cuffs. Once completed turn over and iron the other side in the same way. Ironing away from the corners of the collar will prevent creasing at the front of the collar.  Once ironed place the shirt on a hanger to air for 10 minutes, this allows any extra moisture to evaporate, minimising creasing.
  • Dry Cleaning: The Shirt Company shirts can be dry cleaned, this is particularly recommended for our silk blouses. If you take your cotton stretch shirt to your dry cleaner ask them to "hand launder" as this will help to maintain the cotton fabric. We do not recommend dry cleaning using chemical treatments - it is not necessary.
  • Starch: If you like the crisp feeling that starch can give, use it sparingly as it can easily make your shirt look 'over-pressed' if too much heat and starch are applied.



To keep your shirt bright white here are some handy hints:

  • Only wash your shirt with other white items... no exception!
  • Use a laundry liquid or powder specifically for washing whites.
  • Soften your water - the minerals in hard water can grey whites. If you have very hard water, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your 1st rinse cycle.
  • Storing and drying whites in the dark can cause yellowing and greying. White cottons love the sun and hanging them outside to dry on the line is to their benefit...English weather permitting!
  • Adding 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle of a medium load of whites will naturally and gently keep whites bright. This technique is especially effective on clothes that are hung outside on the line.
  • And last but not least - please DO NOT bleach your shirt as this will reduce its longevity and can turn it a yellowy shade of white!